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Voice lines are Common cosmetics which allow heroes to say special quotes. Players can trigger their hero's voice line through the communication wheel.

Voice lines can be found on each hero's Quotes page.


Availability Quote Audio
Justice delivered.
Children, behave.
Everyone dies.
It takes a woman to know it.

Al-aʻdālah nāzlah min fūq.

Arabic: العدالة نازلة من فوق
English: Justice comes down from above.

Mother knows best.
No scope needed.
Need someone to tuck you in?
What are you thinking?
Witness me.
You know nothing.
Summer Games Exclusive
Learn from the pain.
Halloween Terror Exclusive
Are you scared?


Availability Quote Audio
Default Doo-woo.
25Credits Beepleleleh.
Boo boo doo de doo.
Bwoo chirr chirr chirr chirr chirr chirr chirr
Dah-dah weeeee!
Dun dun boop boop. (inaccurate transcription)
Dweet! Dweet! Dweet!
Hee hoo hoo hoo-wee, hee hee hoo hoo hoo-wee.
Sh-sh-sh dwee!
Summer Games Exclusive Whoo-vweeeeee heheheh.
Halloween Terror Exclusive W-w-wooooo...?